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If you are unable to control ejaculation and generally ejaculate within one minute of sexual....


If you are not able to maintain your erection, you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction to genera ..


Syphillis is a sexually transmitted infection that can be broadly classified into multiple stages...


Does the thought of becoming a parent and your inability to do so hamper your everyday life?......


Night discharge or nocturnal emission is caused when semen is ejaculated without stimulation ..

“ झिझकें नहीं सम्पर्क करें... ऊर्जा आयुर्वेदिक क्लिनिक... ”

About Us

When somebody is experiencing a sexual issue in his/her life, it is important to find the right sexual health center to enable him/her to overcome it. A happy married life and a successful sexual relationship with your partner is something everybody craves. Try not to give sexual issues a chance to destroy your life in any way.
Oorja clinic was founded with a vision to provide quality treatments at affordable price to the people who are suffering from sexual problems. We are India’s most trusted and best Sex Clinic in Delhi.
We provide world class treatment and ayurvedic medicines for men and women. We believe that each and every individual should enjoy his/her life to the fullest. If you have a problem related to sex we have a solution.
Ever since the establishment of our clinic we have successfully helped thousands of patients from India with our medicines and herbal treatments. Our mission is to bring health, happiness and prosperity in your life.
It is only because of the hard work, dedication and continuous efforts of our doctors and even today we are the most trusted name in India for providing quality treatment for all types of sex problems in men and women.
Oorja Clinic is trying their best to reach each and every city of India, so that people can have best treatment for their issues.

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It is a common belief that men can be excited very easily and that they are always ready for sexual intercourse. However, a lot of men experience many different sexual conditions which can inhibit their libido, or cause them to perform unsatisfactorily. Low sex drives, infertility, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and semen infection are some of the common sex problems that men may experience. Ayurvedic medicine for sex can be used to treat all these problems, improve libido and allow for more pleasurable intercourse. Such medicines are made from natural ingredients and can be safely used without any side effects. Ayurveda is an age old traditional medicine system that finds its origin in the Vedic knowledge from ancient India. Ayurvedic treatment of sexual disorders aims to strike a balance in the body’s energies. Stress, anxiety, fear and an imbalance of physical energies in the body can prevent sexual function. These problems can be effectively dealt with Ayurvedic medicine, herbs, yoga and meditation.

In our fast paced, hectic lives, sexual disabilities have become rampant. Over work, stress, too much exercise and trauma are some of the common causes of sexual under-performance. Malnourishment or overweight can also have an adverse affect on libido and sexual abilities. Obesity can dull one’s reflexes and slows down the body which can then have an effect on sexual performance. There are many emotional triggers to sexual problems as well. These include difficulties in relationships, feeling of rejection from the partner, poor body image and confidence issues. A feeling of failure, or lack of success in life can also cause emotional triggers that lower sexual performance and libido.

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Sex and human sexuality are a fundamental part of being human, so it's natural to wonder about sex in all of its different forms. Sexual disorders are like people, they come in every shape and sizes. A sexual issue doesn't mean something is "wrong" with you.
It just implies that you're experiencing the kind of issue that can suddenly affect anybody, at any time in their lives, for any reason or no reason at all. While numerous sexual issues can be traced back to a physical issue or a sudden change in one's life, so many sexual disorders causes are not well-known or understood.
Fortunately, now sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (ED) or other problems are no big deal. There are a wide variety of treatments from medications to a specific form of psychotherapy that can help everyone with a sexual disorder.
Oorja Clinic which is one of the best sex clinics in Delhi, here you’ll get the quality treatment and services. Oorja clinic’s team of Best Sexologists provides you with counseling and friendly treatment. Sexual dysfunction happens when you have an issue that keeps you from wanting or enjoying a sexual activity.
It can happen anytime. Men and women of any age can experience sexual dysfunction, although the chances increase as you age. Stress is a common reason for sexual dysfunction.

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What Patients Says

I was suffering from my disease (Sexual Problem) since last 1 year and one of my friend suggested me to visit Oorja Clinic. I got really good treatment from Oorja Clinic and today I am happy.

Kailash Chandar


Fully satisfied from this Clinic. I was suffering from sexual disorder and got treatment from this Clinic. I am fully satisfied. I suggest to people who are suffering from sexual disorder get treatment from this Clinic.

Aftab Ali


I Am Raju Debnath . I Have 1 Problem So I Meet Oorja Clinic is Very Cool & Excellent Doctor. I am Used 2 Months Ayurvedic Medicion ....My Problem is Cleared .....Thank You Sir..

Raju Debnath


Very best doctor and good practice for sexual health treatment.

Rahul Amim


Excellent clinic, my problem was resolved here. I was suffering for long time but now I feel sound.

Alif Ukasa