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Improve Your Sexual Life!

OORJA Clinic is a leading name in the field of Sexual Health. Using the ancient Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and techniques, we at Oorja offer permanent and safe remedies for all sexual ailments.

Ayurveda unlike other methodologies for treatment offers a permanent cure. It is specifically very effective for sexual diseases like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation etc. The 3000-year-old Ayurvedic text of Charaka Samhita provides solutions for all sexual ailments.


Our Clinics…

We are currently operating out of the following three cities:-

Near Sanjay Cinema, Sanjay Palace, Agra Uttar Pradesh 282002

B-9/1, 3’rd Floor, Ring Road, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027

Near iffco Chowk, Sukhrail Road, Gurugram 122001, Haryana

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  • We were happily married for 5 years and had a kid. Things were all fine in bed and out of it. But then around that period, after 5 years of marriage things started going wrong. I was surely not the same with her while making love. She kept wondering what was the issue - whether I didn't find her attractive enough or was I having an affair or was it some sort of sexual disorder. She did try to restore the intimacy very many times but I always spurned her away every time. Our relationship was being ripped apart. I had so much playing on my mind. I tried having some off-the-shelf medicines but they didn't help. I had almost lost all hope when while surfing the internet i came across the website of Oorja Clinic. I met and confided in the Doctors there. I was assured my condition is reversible and that it will be a permanent sure. I came clean with Deepa Told her all about it. She was happy and relieved.

    Thanks to Oorja Clinic we are back to our happiest best. Yes, IN BED AND OUT OF IT !!

    DEEPA & SAHIL (New Delhi)
  • Even before getting married I felt I could not hold on to my erection for long. I used to ejaculate too soon. Through internet I got to know i was suffering from Premature Ejaculation. I thought things will get better after marriage. Sadly that didn't happen. A week into our marriage Vidya complained that she wasn't satisfied and that I need to do something about it. After this episode my performance in bed worsened owing to Performance Anxiety. We decided to take a professional advice. A friend suggested Oorja Clini as the place to go for all sexual disorders. We visited the clinic the very next day. The Doctors heard us patiently and then suggested a course of Ayurvedic Medicines. I am so glad we went to Oorja. I feel a changed man with a lot of OORJA.

    Thanks to Oorja Clinic we are back to our happiest best. Yes, IN BED AND OUT OF IT !!

    RUPESH & VIDYA (Agra)