Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is the third pillar of Life – says Ayurveda, the other two being diet and sleep. These fundamentals form the basis of a healthy body Ayurveda states erectile dysfunction is :

संकल्पप्रवानो नित्यं परियां वैश्यमपी स्त्रीयां ||
न याति लिंगशैथिल्यात कदाचिद्याथि वा यदि |
श्वासारथः सविंनगात्रश्चा मोहसंकल्पाचेष्टितः ||
म्लानासहिष्णश्च निर्बीजः सोडतात क्लैब्यलक्षणं |

which means that even though a male has a very strong urge to have sexual intercourse with a cooperative partner, he cannot because of absence of erection of his organ. Even if he does engage in the sexual act he does not attain erection and gets tired, perspires and gets frustrated. This condition is called “Klaibyathva”.

Ayurveda describes anatomy of erection and ejaculation as follows:

वृषणौ बस्तीमेडऱाम च नाभ्युयरु वंक्षणो गुडम |
अपानस्थानामान्तरस्थः शुक्र मूत्र शक्रंति च ||

“Aapana Vayu” is responsible for ejaculation of semen and the excretion of urine and stools.

As per Ayurveda when a man has an urge to engage in sexual activity, his response to touch increases.

Vayu situated in skin sends signals from skin to brain and enhances the sensation of touch. This results in what we call arousal or harsha. Harsha boosts the actions of vayu and results in the liberation of the teja or heat of pitta. Raised body temperature, Increased heart beat and blood flow accompany Teja cause Erection.”

When a person cannot achieve Erection, he is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Oorja Clinic uses numerous herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction mentioned in Ayurveda which contain natural aphrodisiacs. These Ayurvedic remedies increase the span of erection, hardness and prevents premature ejaculation and also help in rejuvenating the male reproductive system.

Oorja Clinic provides effective treatments for Erectile dysfunction by following the guidelines of classical Ayurvedic scriptures. Though the principles the therapies are customised depending upon each individuals needs.

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